The Best in Surfunkadelic

The Music

New! Hear our hour long interview on WRWK Richmond, with live and studio tracks from Disconnected.

The members of Jam Thicket have brought many influences and experiences to their original songs and eclectic selection of covers, and all of this veteran musicianship can be heard singly and in unique mashups across the broad palette of sounds and attitudes that the band accesses to generate its hard hitting and honest music.

Jazz and funk merge in dystopian anthems like New Money and Disconnected. From Latin beat and bad-to-the-bone surf emerges the ass-shaking joy of Salsa Pancakes. Space freakouts and old fashioned waltz collide in Insomnia. And all out original jam numbers like Pick It Up match the energy of classic surf covers the band uses for pure rave-up material.

Sometimes almost all of these seem to collide at once. As Exhibit A we present a studio jam from the sessions that produced Jam Thicket’s original demo recordings:

Note the Himalayan backdrop for the Night of Tibetan Music that Jam Thicket hosted at The Southern!